Next Generation Inheritance Planning & Digital Wills

Powered by Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning Technology. Protecting Legacies. Forever.


Heir's Vision

Heir is ushering in the next generation inheritance & estate planning solution to ensure digital and traditional real-world assets are protected for next of kin and loved ones. Our holistic suite of services powered by cutting-edge technology, provides all the benefits of a traditional estate plan, with none of the pitfalls.

Digital Inheritance Planning

Do what's typically done within the confines of an estate planning law firm, but better, faster, simpler and cheaper. Heir enables an intuitive and highly secure online creation and management system. Protection of digital and traditional real-world assets done right.

Blockchain Immutability

Leverage distributed ledger technology to preserve assets and ensure Heir powered estate trusts are executed per the exact parameters set by a user. Misinterpretation and corruption eliminated.

Simplicity and Elegance

Drive an effortless user experience to import assets, select beneficiaries, and configure rules for estate distribution, management & planning. No more printed documents prone to loss and destruction, and the complete overhaul of archaic processes.

AI & Machine Learning Power

Seamlessly marry a user with their intelligent Heir powered estate trust using Heir's next generation AI and ML based proof-of-life & wellness engine.

Fail Safe Asset Distribution

Distribution of funds/assets to beneficiaries upon the passing of a user in an automated, effective and fail-proof manner, with a caring touch.  Heir preserves legacies in servitude of progenies.

Accessibility for All

A full-suite of estate planning services accessible to all individuals, regardless of geography, socio-economic background, among all other classifications. Heir believes in estate planning for all without discrimination.

Our Flagship Products & Services

Meet HeirPulse, Heir's Next Gen Proof-of-Life Engine


Powered by AI & ML

HeirPulse, the engine which powers Heir’s advanced estate management and distribution service will be built using next generation deep machine learning and AI to enable a new era of estate protection.

HeirPulse Basics

HeirPulse will serve as a novel proof-of-life system allowing users to check-in periodically at an interval of their choosing, either manually or automatically. By leveraging advanced machine learning and behavioral analysis technology, users will have the ability to allow HeirPulse to integrate into their digital footprint to serve as their personal active estate monitoring and protection system.


In it's more advanced form, by integrating with leading wearable technology devices, HeirPulse will enable biometric and behavioral analysis to build digital proof-of-life signatures for users of Heir. By understanding an individual’s life and health patterns, HeirPulse will not only detect the potential passing of an individual, but will also serve as a novel means of proactive health and personal wellness monitoring, and alerting system. HeirPulse leverages machine learning to preemptively detect risky user behavior based on various metrics and data to protect assets held within Heir’s ecosystem.

Introducing the Currency Powering Heir's Ecosystem


Heirlooms (HEIR), will be the cryptocurrency powering and utilized within the Heir ecosystem. Heirlooms are considered utility tokens, and will serve as the medium of digital asset transfer to beneficiaries. By possessing Heirlooms, users will be able to take full advantage of Heir’s advanced suite of offerings and services.

HeirWallet for Safe Keeping of Assets


Grantor HeirWallets

Using HeirWallet, a Grantor (the person who establishes an estate trust) will be able to hold digital and tokenized real-world assets on a highly-secured and fail-safe online blockchain-based wallet.  Coupled with a layered security validation process, and advanced multi-sig features, HeirWallet provides added peace of mind for protection of assets.

Beneficiary HeirWallets

Beneficiary HeirWallets are created and initially managed by a Grantor, and are tied to specific individuals.  These individuals can be any person a Grantor would like assets eventually transferred to.  Inheritance made efficient, simple and secure.

HeirTrust - Estate Planning Done Right


All the benefits of a traditional estate plan.  None of the pitfalls.

By leveraging blockchain-based programmatic transaction technology, users will be able to intuitively build and deploy customized per their defined distribution rules. Heir drives an easy and intuitive experience with “ready-to-go” templates based on geography, family dynamics, religious preference, and particular “tried-and-true” estate planning best practices. Users will be enabled to define rules to precisely specify to whom, when, and how estate asset distribution should occur. Throughout the HeirTrust configuration process, Heir ensures complete compliance with jurisdictional specific estate planning laws. Additionally, Heir allows for users to reap the same taxation, capital gains, and creditor protection benefits that a traditional estate trust would provide.

Post configuration and activation, HeirTrusts are deployed to the blockchain where they live in a perpetual listening state until triggered or inactivated by a user. In the event of death, an activated HeirTrust will eventually execute to initiate a quick, low-cost, automated and secure transfer of Heirlooms and real-world tokenized assets (real-estate, property, etc.) to beneficiaries per the exact configuration parameters set by the user.

HeirAlert Proactive Risk Monitoring & Mitigation


Personal Well Being Protection

Wearable devices, geo-fencing technology, and integration with numerous data sources to identify potential nearby risks for users of Heir. Natural disasters, political unrest, violent crimes, among other dangers will trigger HeirAlert to inform users of imminent risk for personal well being protection.

Automated Asset Protection

Should a user’s HeirTrust be temporarily disabled, or should assets be detected which are not presently included within a user’s HeirTrust; HeirAlert will allow for an automated and swift activation of a user’s HeirTrust.

HeirReach - Grantor and Beneficiary Outreach Services


Live life.  Let Heir do the worrying.

Omni-channel outreach services tailored to ensure Grantor wellness and Beneficiary care. Phone, text, emails, and certified grief counselors when needed.

HeirGive - Integrating Non-profits & Charities within Heir


Heir Enables Generosity.

Heir plans to integrate multiple charity and non-profit partners within the Heir ecosystem to enable a culture of giving and generosity. As part of establishing a HeirTrust, users can choose to distribute funds to their favorite organizations or charities automatically in addition to their beneficiaries.

Partners invited/looking to join Heir’s platform will undergo internal evaluation prior to registration via a dedicated partner portal. 

A Closer Look at Heirlooms & Our Token Sale

Heirlooms Token Sale

In order to successfully bring Heir’s vision to reality, Heir intends to raise funds via a public token sale of Heirlooms, the cryptocurrency powering Heir's ecosystem.

Heir's token sale will be conducted via our intuitive token sale portal and consists of 5 simple steps:

1. Create a token sale portal account
2. Submit KYC Information
3. Create a free HeirWallet
4. Fund HeirWallet with XLM, BTC, or ETC
5. Purchase HEIR tokens!

Token Code/Label: HEIR
Token Finite Supply: 1 Billion
Initial Token Sale QTY: 250 Million
Hardcap: $25M USD
Token Sale Price: 0.08 USD* - 0.10 USD per HEIR
Accepted Currencies: XLM, BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX
Start Date: June 30, 2018

*For Stellar community incentivization purposes, Heir intends to sell a less than 1% of all Heirlooms in existence at a discounted rate of 0.08 USD/HEIR.  XLM will be the only accepted currency for the incentivized token sale offering. Additional currencies will be accepted during our main sale.


Heirlooms are utility tokens which will allow users to take full advantage of Heir’s suite of offerings and services when held within the Heir ecosystem.

Heirlooms will serve as the medium for cryptocurrency-based asset transfers from Grantors to Beneficiaries upon the execution of a Grantor’s HeirTrust. Should a Grantor desire to hold other alternative coins in addition to or in lieu of Heirlooms, Heir intends to eventually enable the automated exchange of such coins to Heirlooms upon the execution of a Grantor’s HeirTrust.

Discounted Token Sale - Now Live

HEIR tokens are currently being sold
at $0.10 USD $0.08 USD per HEIR*

*Less than 1% of all HEIR in existence will be offered at this price.

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Token sale FAQ

Token Allocation of the 1B Total HEIR coins

Public 500M HEIR

Heir’s initial token sale will consist of offering 250M HEIR out of the 500M HEIR provisioned for eventual release to the public, with the intention of raising $25M USD. The remaining 250M HEIR will be introduced into circulation over a period of 5 consecutive years for liquidity purposes.


Tokens allocated to and held by Heir, Inc. will be kept within a series of company governed wallets and will be used for purposes of: R&D, strategic partnerships, continued market expansion, and future liquidity needs at the discretion of Heir.  


To ensure alignment with the long-term goals set forth by Heir, tokens allocated to team members will be subject to a vesting schedule and held within corporate governed wallets until vesting periods have lapsed. 

Usage of Token Sale Funds


Up to 50% of token sale proceeds will be allocated to development efforts including capital and operational expenditures required to build Heir’s applications and next generations suite of services. Release of features may be limited to MVP, or complete functionality and services depending on the amount of funds raised and how close the figure is to Heir’s hardcap goal. 

Marketing & Partnerships

Heir intends to pursue a heavy marketing campaign to spread awareness and increase Heir’s overall user adoption via multiple mediums. 

Funds will also be allocated for partnership purposes, which includes garnering the support of leading household names, financial/trust management institutions, charities/NPOs, among others. By building a strong network of partnership support, Heir endeavors to become a trusted household name of its own. 


Given the current landscape of distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency, in addition to the legalities involved regarding the estate planning industry, Heir intends to work closely with trailblazers in various legal verticals globally. Heir intends to build a holistic standardized estate planning solution for all, and as such will work in collaboration with industry leaders to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and traditional estate planning laws. 

Why Is Change Necessary?


Estate planning, an industry with revenue figures exceeding $170 billion in 2017 within the United States alone, is an area riddled with flaws, gaps and pitfalls in its current state.

From present day traditional wills and estate trusts being open for potential corruption, manipulation and misinterpretation, to rampant price gouging tactics employed within the industry, the time to innovate and disrupt has arrived.

Heir will spearhead the transformation from the current archaic estate planning methods and processes, to a next generation offering which will last the tests of time to ensure legacies are protected, and progenies are served.

A Look at Today's Broken Estate Planning Methods

The estate planning and asset protection vehicles available and commonly used today, come with varying degrees of benefits and pitfalls.

Heir will eliminate the issues inevitably faced by many & will allow all individuals to secure their assets for beneficiaries and loved ones.


By far the most common practiced estate planning method, is to simply not plan at all.  This comes with unavoidable dire consequences for beneficiaries and next of kin alike, including: asset freezes, exposure to creditors, costs incurred by beneficiaries, and expensive drawn out court processes.


Wills allows individuals to specify what possessions should go to whom. That's it.  Wills do not protect from asset freezes, expensive court processes, or the other pitfalls of simply not planning at all.


Considered the superior estate planning method available today, a properly prepared estate trust provides creditor protection, taxation benefits, and eliminates having to run the assets of a deceased through the court system. 

What's the catch?  Estate trusts are generally only accessible to the wealthy.  With up-front and on-going costs easily ranging into the tens of thousands of dollars, most individuals never bother to secure their assets for their loved ones using this vehicle.

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